Planning the entertainment for a party can be a rather daunting affair. With all of the different interest types and the huge age range of potential party and event guests, there are a few criteria that you need to stick by in order to find something that will keep all of your party guests entertained. We suggest that you look for something that is versatile. You would be surprised at how many forms of party entertainment don't actually meet these criteria. However, a professional clown always fits the bill and is ready to entertain at your party or event. A clown is a professional, multi-faceted performer who has the versatility you need with their ability to perform magic tricks, balloon twisting, face painting, and of course their classic slapstick comedy. The following guide will lead you to the perfect candidate so that your party goes off efficiently and without incident.

Arguably the most valuable thing about hiring a clown to entertain at your party or event is how much they make everyone laugh no matter what age. They know how to roll with the punches in any situation. And it really does not matter whether your activities are being held in a banquet hall or a large field or whether you are hosting a corporate banquet, a family reunion, or a festival, and all of the guests are rather spread out, you can hire the clown to wander around the party or event. Some of them are also able to perform magic tricks, face painting, balloon twisting, and the like for more intimate group settings. This can be a preferable way to utilize a clown because it allows for your party guests to have a more personal experience with the clown, and can be a way for them to have much more fun. Alternatively, though, if you are planning a party with a smaller number of guests and a smaller venue that will have a stage area, then you can have the clown perform in front of the entire audience and perform larger-scale performance such as bigger magic tricks and some of their famous slapstick comedy.

No matter what way you utilize a clown for your party or event, you and your guests are guaranteed to be satisfied. If you plan on hiring a clown, begin your search by talking to your friends or doing a Google search for "clowns in Louisville." Check to see what their experience is, videos of their past work, testimonials, and the like. Make sure to set up a phone interview and ask them about their availability and rates. If it's important to you, we also recommend setting up an in-person interview beforehand so you can set up a plan with the clown, as well as checking to see if they are the type of person you would want at your event in terms of their personality. But when you get the right clown, you can expect to see your group having the time of their lives.